👋Hi there~
As a designer, my biggest goal is to make the user happier in meaningful ways.
Design topics I am interested in
I currently work in the smart-home industry, where I constantly think beyond the screens and explore the relationship between humans and technology. I’m also very interested in other emerging technologies like AI, AR/VR and how they can become great design media. Check out this Medium article I wrote about some of my learnings on AI Design.
Education background
I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Human–Computer Interaction program. Before that, I got my Bachelor’s of Computer Science at Tsinghua University (China), with a focus on HCI technologies. This background has not only given me more solid understanding of technologies but also stronger logical thinking.
Outside of work!
🎵 Music is my panacea! I cover songs with the piano, guitar, kalimba. I’m also a karaoke-lover.
🎭 I’m a big theater fan. I always enjoy good plays and musicals, and I’ve performed / directed a few back in college.
👣 I’m a traveller, having been to 10 countries in the past 5 years.
🎲 I’m very into board games since COVID. Checkout the 50+ games I’ve played or own.